Sunday School Curriculum Year One – Bible Story Series (52 Lessons)

Can you imagine sharing with children about Jesus and telling them they can read more about Him in the Bible, but then the children tell you they don’t have a Bible, or any way to obtain one?

The few verses included in a Source of Light lesson might be the only ones an eager child – or even a village pastor – has.

In response to the need expressed by international partner missionaries, Source of Light is pleased to offer a new resource that anyone can download, print, and even translate freely without permission.

The new CHILDREN’S BIBLE STORY SERIES is a 104-lesson study of some of the Bible’s most important stories. These lessons will be different than SLM’s standard material. Rather than booklets with tests that get returned by a mentor, the Bible story set will be individual fold-over sheets that can be used as handouts in Sunday school or the classroom each week.

The series is created for a 2-year chronological walk through the Scriptures, using stories to teach, evangelize, and disciple children.

Each lesson has the Bible story, a few short questions, two memory verses, an application section, and one core truth to remember.

We pray God will use this series to reach many children worldwide for Christ.

(Note: The first 52 lessons of Year One were made available January 2024. Look for Year Two lessons by January 2025. For InDesign or A4-sized files, contact

These PDF’s are free to download and use. They are available in two paper sizes, A4 and 8.5 x 11″.

Click here to download files